Strength Training For Athletic Endurance Using Metabolic Resistance Routines

The greatest workouts for maintaining strength, improving endurance, increasing fat loss, and promoting cardiovascular fitness

This week’s workout is an effective example of  metabolic resistance training (MRT) which is a dynamic fast-paced strength-endurance routine designed to improve endurance and increase fat loss while maintaining strength and improving on cardiovascular health.  I feel that it  is important to include at least one workout such as this into your weekly rotation of exercise routines if you desire the aforementioned benefits.

For maximum results, I recommend 2 circuits of 8 exercises with a 45-60 second rest between exercises

Exercise #1:  Deep dumbbell or kettlebell front squats with Arnold presses (10 reps)

Exercise #2:  Military pull ups or assisted pull ups (10 reps)

Exercise #3:  Weighted push ups or push ups (10 reps)

Exercise #4:  Forward lunges with dumbbells (10 reps each leg)

Exercise #5:  Rotational planks (left side > front > right side, then reverse = 1 rep) (10 reps)

Exercise #6:  Dumbbell or kettlebell snatch (10 reps each arm)

Exercise #7:  Superset inclined seated curls with tricep extension  (10 reps for each exercise)

Exercise #8:  2-arm kettlebell swing (30 reps)

Rest for 3-4 minutes and repeat

A beginner may want to limit themselves to only 1 circuit or reduce the circuit to 5 exercises.  Make sure that you choose a pushing movement to balance out any pulling movement and at least half of the exercises should be full body multiple joint exercises.


If you truly want to get into the greatest shape of your life and to sculpt your body into that desired lean physique, metabolic resistance training works wonders.  More information and excellent programs in regard to this dynamic mode of strength and endurance training can be found by visiting the following link.


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